Friday, September 7, 2012


You can’t get caught up in this stuff. Politics comes and goes. Things change. The names change. The situations change. Even democracy changes, but you can’t just lose your cool about everything and start ranting and inciting violence.

Capitalism is a bitter comedy – a sick farce where the punchline is usually exploitation and murder. Look at the recent killings of striking miners. Over 30 people dead in a pointless bloodbath. And the government charges the miners with murder because they say that the miners provoked the police. Can you imagine? Miners who might have been throwing bottles or rocks shot dead by heavily armed police and then the miners, THE MINERS, are charged with murder. But now the punchline.
The government says they’ll drop the charges and set the miners free and then everyone should just forget about the whole thing. That’s capitalism. I’ll murder you and then charge you with murder and then drop the charges in the spirit of good fellowship.

Henry Ford got his big idea for revolutionizing the assembly line from a visit to a slaughterhouse. Who could possibly be surprised by this?

TRYING to improve human beings is an inherently fascist project. All you can do is educate people and teach them to reason and create some kind of moral center. Everything beyond that is fascism.

The beauty in the way a dancer holds her body. With such pride and power. The beauty of an elegant and sophisticated French woman. Beauty that comes from some inside knowledge and some kind of relationship with the culture. This movement toward chaos is not going to help anyone. It’s not going to be good for anyone.

I’m against welfare and in favor of harsh immigration policies. I hope that Republicans win your election and follow through on everything they say they want to do. Because maybe then, with a large number of disaffected people who can finally see the hatred and contempt of so many Americans standing naked in the sunlight with no more pretense and no more cosmetic surgery to make it look like a democracy, maybe you will finally do something. Maybe you will finally stand up.

You want democracy to look pretty and so democracy has had her nose done and put collagen in her lips and possibly has anal bleaching, but these things do not change the reality of the situation.

This, this is the anal bleaching of America. A purely cosmetic procedure that only appeals to a few people who get to see it anyway. In essence, the changes remain hidden and their ultimate value is dubious.

Your democracy has been cut up and pieced together more times than the Frankenstein monster and like that creature made from corpses, your democracy is actually dead and has only the external image of life.

No one has any rights to profits that imperil the financial health of an entire country. No one has any right to profits that lead to the murder of striking workers.These are absolutes. There can be no compromise.

If you don't learn to be more sophisticated. If you don't learn to use reason and to develop your intellect. If you don't learn to make distinctions and to be able to see the difference in things, who will?