Friday, March 22, 2013


You think you're better than George Washington? George Washington risked his life for freedom. George Washington waded through mud and cold and heat and hell of every kind  for 7 years to create an army to fight against the British in the name of a new kind of political freedom that he believed in. George Washington left his farm that he loved and his wife that he loved even more and sweated and worried over a ragtag, undernourished, undersupplied army because he believed in freedom. George Washington turned down an offer to become a kind of King of America because he believed in freedom. George Washington became president and gave 8 more years to his country because he believed in freedom.

I know, I know. George Washington had slaves. George Washington presided over a country in which slavery was allowed in the Constitution even though he and many others were well aware that slavery compromised their vision of freedom. But they allowed this slavery as a compromise that made a union possible. They knew that without this union, there could be no experiment in freedom. They knew that the freedom they had created was not perfect and would take a long time to become perfect, but they figured it was better to try to create the conditions of political freedom and deal with the other issues later or there could never have been any kind of union. And without that union, there would be no way to resist British force. So Washington and others compromised with the Southern states to protect their union and to create a possibility of a kind of political freedom that had never really been tried before.

They knew it wasn't perfect. They knew it might all fall apart at any time. But they believed in freedom and they did something about it. They did the best the could under the circumstances in which they lived and they fought and risked everything for their experiment.

What have you done for freedom that you feel so righteous? What have you risked that makes you better than Washington and Jefferson and Franklin and Madison? And most of all, what makes you think that the freedom they created had to be perfect in order to be worth pursuing? Don't you understand that American freedom is still a work in progress? Don't you see that your courage and your skill and your dedication and willingness to risk all are still necessary in order for the experiment of freedom to mean anything? Or are you all just lazy, cynical, crybaby takers who think that somebody owes you something? If you think America is just an existing power that should or even could just hand out freedom like candy, then you are deluded. You are weak. You are a fool and you are nothing. You couldn't hold George Washington's knickers. If you believe in freedom, then shut up with the criticism and do something about it. Otherwise, you will deserve the slavery towards which you and your children are headed.

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