Monday, March 4, 2013


I'm not talking about revolution. I'm not interested in all these arguments for and against the revolution. I am talking about what I've seen and what I think can be done about it. You can't go all over the world looking at miserable, starving, frustrated, beaten down people all the time without feeling something. You try to just tell the story but sometimes, you just can't. There's too much going on. How can you be a human being and just watch while people are suffering. The suffering you actually see is beyond your imagination. Probably, once in a while, when you see some situation where a bunch of innocent children are shot down in cold blood and you see the grief and you imagine the loss, in those situations, you get a taste of everyday life for millions of people. So fuck the revolution. Don't start talking bullshit about Che Guevara. Don't get all hot and bothered about how you can kill "the man." Do something to empower the poor. Do something to feed them, house them, provide sanitation for them, educate them. That will start the revolution. 

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